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Most of these photos contain many elements of the Landscape Construction Genre but the primary focus of this gallery is large format paving and a couple of old school paving jobs as well.  Allspace Paving and Decks has been creating beautiful paved areas for over 20 years. In this time we have done jobs ranging from a Newtown backyard of 10 square metres to commercial jobs where we have paved whole roads. Some of my favourite jobs are where we combine paving and decking on the one level. Building decks with a Glavanised Steel Frame allows me the luxury of getting my decks down to 70mm in thickness. The possibilities are really opened up with this degree of versitility. There is no paving job we can’t do and do it brilliantly. We also do Pool Copings, Steps and Stairs and Garden Walls, Retaining Walls and Capping.

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